Ali Olhausen

Hometown:  Kennesaw, Georgia

Year:  3rd Year

Major:  Theatre with a certificate in British and Irish Studies

Dance Experience

I ran around ballet class as a three year old, and have dabbled in one form of dance or another ever since. I started going to BDC lessons fall semester my freshman year, auditioned for BPG as soon as I could, and the rest is history.

Favorite Dances

Lindy Hop, Waltz, and Salsa

More About Me:

This is my third year as a member of BPG and I have loved every second of it. If I'm not dancing you can probably find me on stage, back stage, or working in the costume shop at the University Theatre. Balancing theatrical productions with dance can sometimes be a little crazy, but they are my two great passions and I wouldn't trade them or anything! I love all dancing styles, so if you see me, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me for a dance!