Blaise McComb

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Year: 3rd year

Major: Marketing, Spanish minor, Entrepreneur certificate

Dance Experience

Blaise' prior dance experience is definitely limited. During high school he was a member of a ragtag boyband, but gained all his real experience from the Ballroom Foundations class at UGA. Making the UGA Ballroom Performance group has dramatically increased his dance ability as well as allowed him to meet some amazing people.

Favorite Dances

Charleston, Salsa, and Rumba

More About Me

Blaise is a part of a wide range of groups on campus and the greater Athens area. He carried over his love for athletics to UGA by competing on over five intramural teams, including basketball, football and softball. Blaise is an executive member for the Society of Entrepreneurs and a new member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing/sales fraternity. Lastly, Blaise spends time each week mentoring at Whit Davis Elementary and serving as a bilingual volunteer for Athens Well-Being Project.