March 23rd - - Seven Nation Army #@9

Choreography: Gabi Rosenthal with help from Ksenia Wood

This piece which combines Tango, Foxtrot, and East Coast Swing, was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on March 23rd, 2018.

Performers: Ksenia Wood, Alex Moldenhawer, Gabi Rosenthal, Eric Perkerson, Alexandria Talley, and Arjun Gibson

Music: Seven Nation Army

Artist: White Stripes - Cover by Postmodern Jukebox


March 2nd - - Crazy #@9

Choreography: Allia Siler

This Bachata piece was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on March 2nd, 2018.

Performers: Allia Siler, Madison Fields, Kenneth Ndyabawe, and Emily Fenlon

Music: Crazy Artist: Daniela Andrade, Bachata remix by DJ Kairu

December 1st - - I Kissed a Girl #@9

Choreography: Kaitlyn Cundiff, Ksenia Wood, Alexandria Talley

This East Coast Swing was performed on December 1st, 2017 by members of the UGA Ballroom Performance Group

Performers: Alexandria Talley, Allia Siler, Ksenia Wood, Kaitlyn Cundiff, Emily Fenlon, Chloe Zhao Music: I Kissed A Girl (Glee Cast Version), Artist: Glee Cast

November 17th - - The One That Got Away #@9

Choreography: Tristan Matwig

This Rumba piece was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on November 17, 2017. A dramatic and heart sick rumba, this piece brought emotion to the forefront.

Performers: Benjamin Leiva, Allia Siler, Tristan Matwig, Samara Aluko, Alex Moldenhawer, Ashlyn Reed

Music: The One That Got Away, Artist: Katy Perry

November 3rd - - Havana #@9

Choreography: Gabrielle Pierre & Eric Perkerson

This Cha Cha/International Rumba piece was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on Friday, November 3, 2017. Veteran members, Gaby and Eric, teamed up for a saucy new piece!

Performers: Eric Perkerson, Gabrielle Pierre, Brett Allen, Ashley Scott

Music: Havana, Artist: Camila Cabello


November 3rd - - Grown #@9

Choreography: Geoff Newell

This East Coast Swing and Jive piece was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on Friday, November 3, 2017. With help with the hip hop portions from Madison Fields, this piece was a fun new combination of styles!

Performers: Sam Calizo, Emily Fenlon, Geoff Newell, Ashlyn Reed, Alex Moldenhawer, Maddie Konzelman

Music: Grown, Artist: Little Mix

October 20th - - If My Heart Was a House #@9

Choreography: Ksenia Wood

This Waltz piece was performed by the UGA Ballroom Performance Group on Friday, October 20th, 2017.

Performers: Ksenia Wood, Arjun Gibson, Amanda Brown, Kenneth Ndyabawe, Maddie Konzelman, Alex Moldenhawer

Music: If My Heart Was a House Artist: Owl City

October 6th -- Bad Liar #@9

Our second performance of the night was choreographed by #@9 veteran, Geoff Newell. This saucy International Rumba and Cha Cha was a great addition to his choreographer's book.

Performers: Joshua Shelton, Victoria Culver, Geoff Newell, Samantha Tang, Kenneth Ndyabawe, Amanda Brown

October 6th -- Dance with Me Tonight #@9

Our first #@9 of the semester was choreographed by Maddie Konzelman. An East Coast Swing, this is her first choreographed piece for our group. Way to hit the ground running, Maddie!

Performers: Bryan Soto, Ksenia Khasanshina, Madison Fields, Gabi Rosenthal, Geoff Newell, Maddie Konzelman

Apprentice Class Fall 2017

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the University of Georgia Ballroom Performance Group! These are always difficult decisions and many factors are considered during the audition process. We are pleased to invite the following students to join the Fall 2017 apprentice company of the Ballroom Performance Group

Jay McKibben
Jacob Richardson
Freddy Geiser
Paul Dobson
Adrien Porzio
Tim Yoon
Andrew Maurer
Jonathan Fan
Blake Hanwitz
Felipe Medina

Aaruchi Lal
Kathleen Reynolds
S. Elizabeth Cagle
Rebecca Ommedal
Cherish Collins
Christiana Beavers
Denali Pray
Hannah Schriever
Elizabeth Kiefer
Meghan Dober

Welcome to BPG, new apprentices! You will soon receive an email containing more information about the Ballroom Performance Group.

If you were not cast this semester, please do not be discouraged! We would love to see you audition again in the future, and encourage you to keep dancing. We will hold Fall 2017 auditions in November. If you have questions about your audition, please contact us at with any questions you may have.

Apprentice Class Fall 2016

We are excited to welcome the following people to the Fall 2016 apprentice class:


Wei-Yun Wang

Andy Han

Jeff Wong

Chipper Bixby

Madisen Riebock

Kaitlyn Cundiff

Ashley Scott

Gabi Rosenthal

Julie Pizzat

Ksenia Khasanshina

Emily Fenlon


Welcome, new apprentices!