Danielle Schwartz

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Year: 4th year

MajorHonors Interdisciplinary Studies Major in Sustainable Design within the Built Environment

Dance Experience 

Took lessons in International Latin my freshman year of high school, competed at an in-house competition and Hotlanta. Once in college, I went to BDC lessons, Blues Nights, and Tango Club.

Favorite Dances

Salsa, Cha-Cha, and Waltz

More About Me

I always tend to over commit myself but BPG is one of the things I'll never let go of. I've learned so much and love being able to go out dancing with my friends and share it with family! Besides dance, my interests include: languages, travel, design, and the environment. After undergrad, I plan to get my masters in Architecture and Urban Design and become an architect that specializes in Green Building and New Urbanism.