Gabi Rosenthal


2017-2018 PR Officer

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Year: 4th year

Major: Photography with a Certificate in New Media

Dance Experience


13 Years of Competitive Scottish Highland Dancing (look it up on Youtube), a little bit of Ballet/Contemporary, nearly 2 years of Lindy Hop and Vintage Swing, and 1 year and counting of Ballroom

Favorite Dances

Lindy Hop, Balboa (like a musical nap to jazz), and Salsa

More About Me

When Gabi was just six years old, she saw Scottish Dancing at her local Scottish Festival and begged her mother to let her try it. Having seen her stumble along in the back row of her baby ballet and tap recitals, her mom didn't think that was the best of ideas, but being a stubborn child, a few months later, she had her first Scottish dance class. As a former 2nd Runner Up in the nation in Scottish Dance, Gabi loved to dance over swords and was a certified instructor, but after a year in college needed to move to something new. She found Lindy Hop and Ballroom, and since then, she just can't stop. Now, Gabi travels many weekends to Swing Dance events and brings the knowledge she learns back to Athens to teach as President of UGA Swing Dance Club. When not dancing or photographing, Gabi can be found cooking, baking, stalking cats, and binging Netflix.