Gemilee Marquez

Hometown:  Augusta, Georgia

Year: 4th Year

Major:  Exercise and Sport Science, Pre-Physical Therapy

Dance Experience

After watching a local "Ballroom Extravaganza" back home in Augusta, I wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. I started ballroom dancing my sophomore year of high school and continued it for two years until it was time for me to leave for college. Once I heard about UGA's Ballroom Performance Group, I knew I wanted to continue my hobby.. 

Favorite Dances

Cha-Cha, Salsa Rueda, and West Coast

More About Me

I am a senior studying kinesiology in hopes of becoming a physical therapist. I love learning about the human body and what we can do to improve on it. Dancing really sparked my interest in this field because I always observe how the body moves in dance. When I'm not studying, I am also dance coordinator of UGA's Filipino Student Association. As you can tell, I love being able to incorporate dance into different aspects of my life.

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