Geoff Newell

2013-2014 Secretary

2014-2015 Vice President

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Year: 7th year

Major: Theatre and Political Science

Dance Experience

5 years Ballroom and Swing, Musical Theatre, and Jazz

Favorite Dances

Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Tango

More About Me

Geoff's dance journey started in a typical fashion: there was this one girl and a fun date night at a dance concert. He found a new love that night, but it wasn't the girl (though she is still awesome).

Since going to see Ballroom Magic 2012 and thereafter auditioning for the group, Geoff has taken every opportunity to further his passion for dance. He has grown into a well rounded and knowledgeable dancer, competitor, instructor, choreographer, DJ, and local dance scene organizer. He draws his inspiration from the social dance floor and the many incredible things that are born on it, from silly moves and fancy footwork to new friendships and lifelong memories.