Jenissa Gordon


Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia

Year: 2nd year Masters

Major: Foods and Nutrition, MS/DI

Dance Experience 

Garden of the Gods 2017.jpg

Jenissa began dancing ballroom as an undergraduate freshman. She joined the Ballroom Performance Group as an apprentice in Fall 2013 and has gratefully been part of BPG since. She is excited to continue ballroom dancing now and throughout the rest of her life. For Jenissa, ballroom represents the epitome that it is never too late to become exactly who you always wanted to be.

Favorite Dances

Argentine Tango, Waltz, and Salsa. But who can actually narrow it down to just three?

More About Me

Jenissa sees herself as an advocate for women and minorities in STEM. She spends much of her free time working to increase minority participation in STEM fields through outreach projects both in Athens and the Atlanta area. As a future clinician, ballroom dance is just what the doctor ordered, and she is looking forward to taking her dance moves wherever her career takes her. When she isn't honing her skills in both qualitative and quantitative research, she enjoys hiking the beautiful north Georgian mountains or sinking into the sands of the Golden Isles.