Joanna Szymonik

2015-2016 Secretary
2016-2017 Public Relations Officer

Hometown: Bialystok, Poland

Year: 1st year Masters

Major: Health Promotion and Behavior, MPH

Dance Experience

Since Summer 2013: BDC Lessons, FNDPs, Ballroom I with Wheeler, Ballet I Foundations, and additional classes/socials at DanceFX Athens, Wicked Westie, Atlanta Swing Revolution, Athens Swing Night, & Zouk Atlanta

Favorite Dances

West Coast Swing, International Rumba, and Foxtrot

More About Me

Growing up, Joanna always dreamed about becoming a dancer. She loved the idea of being able to do something with her own body, independent of equipment like most sports. Many people are fortunate enough to start early in life, but being one of four girls and already in college, she assumed it was too late to get started. Joanna enjoyed watching all styles, but she especially loved watching Dancing with the Stars. There was always something so elegant, yet enchanting, about their performances, but especially the dynamic of dancing as a couple.

When Joanna first started ballroom dancing her sophomore year, she fell in love! She auditioned for BPG at the end of Fall 2013, and she could not have been happier with that decision. Dance constantly challenges her to grow as an individual and to truly understand the significance of human connection on another level. Joanna has a blast every time she dances and hopes to continue to explore!

Currently, when not dancing ballroom, Joanna loves attending West Coast Swing social dances, workshops, and weekend events. Never stop learning; never stop dancing!