Josh Shelton


2017-2018 Secretary

Hometown: McDonough, Georgia

Year: 5th year

Major: History and Social Studies Education

Dance Experience


Before he came to UGA, the only dance experiences Josh had was that influenced by MTV. In the past two years, he has taken Ballroom I and II and a few classes here and there.

Favorite Dances

Samba, Waltz, Soulja Boy, and Tango

More About Me

Joshua Shelton has lead a boring life thus far. He has only traveled on a plan twice and out of the South less than ten times. The coolest thing he has done was when able to ride The Superman with out crying the whole time. Besides that, his life was consumed by sports and originally went to the University of Truett-McConnell and wrestled there for two years. Josh then transferred to live the dream by going to the University of Georgia, where he found a new passion called dance. As we all know, the rest is history for Josh.