Katherine Wakeley

Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia

Year: 4th Year

Major: Food Science

Dance Experience 

12 years of ballet experience; 2.5 years of ballroom experience 

Favorite Dances

Lindy Hop, Salsa, East Coast Swing

More About Me

I really just love to dance. I started my dance education at the age of five doing mainly ballet, but I had to stop after high school due to several overuse injuries to my knees and ankles. I took  my freshman year of college off to focus on healing and school. However, the urge to dance was still there. During my sophomore year of college, I decide to take Ballroom Foundations I here at UGA and was instantly hooked. I auditioned the semester after that and made it in! I feel really excited to be performing in this years' Ballroom Magic and am truly blessed to be dancing again.