Marley Sellem

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Year: 4th year

Major: Biology

Dance Experience

I took Dr. Wheeler's Ballroom Foundations class as a shy freshman four years ago because I wanted to learn how to dance. Shortly thereafter, I was encouraged to try out for BPG be friends and classmates and I've been a member ever since! I also frequent dance events and lessons in Athens as well as in Atlanta.


Favorite Dances

West Coast Swing, Paso Doble, and Waltz

About Me

I am a biology major and hope to become a pathologist's assistant. I love Japanese culture and have been taking Japanese for about nine years. It is my dream to visit and that dream will finally come true in may 2015 after graduation! I really enjoy being involved in the Ballroom Performance Group and it has certainly helped me grow as an individual in more than one way.