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Nico Leis

Hometown: Milton, Georgia

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Economics and Psychology


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Nico had absolutely no dance experience before coming to UGA. Nico is currently the Vice President of the Ballroom and Social Dance Club and has been a member of BPG since the Spring of 2017.


All depends on the day.


Nico stumbled across ballroom dancing serendipitously one day as he perused through the schedule of courses looking for an extra 1 credit hour course to satisfy the full-time student minimum of 12 credit hours. He has since fallen in love with dancing and appreciates the challenge it poses. Nico also plays club ultimate for UGA, is a mentor in the Clarke County Mentorship Program, and researches in a psychology lab on campus. In his free time he enjoys hiking, camping, appreciating nature, traveling, and spending time with his friends.