Rand Pope

Hometown: Barwick, Georgia

Year: 4th year

Major: Biochemistry and Spanish

Dance Experience

Barn stomps and whatever dancing you can do on a farm! Didn't start officially dancing until college.

Favorite Dances

Argentine Tango, Cha-Cha, Swing

More About Me

Coming in to UGA's Ballroom Performance Group, I had virtually zero experience with dance. I looked like Newt Gingrich on a floor of Gene Kellys. When first learning, I did not understand the techniques, and remembering choreography was like clutching fragile Easter eggs while wading through the wildebeests to save Mufasa. In my first show, I entirely forgot my choreography and my partner's feet painted the floor like Da Vinci; mine own were more in sync with a frenzied Jackson Pollock. Despite this inauspicious beginning, BPG has become a home to me. I love going into practice knowing that I can always improve. Ballroom has given me an avenue to constantly grow as a dancer and as a person. I found a joy and expression in dance that I did not anticipate and am extremely grateful for the time I have had there. I still look like Newt Gingrich sometimes though.