Raymundo Tinoco, Jr.


Year: 2nd Year Master

Major: Master's in Accounting

Dance Experience

1 year of Ballroom.

Favorite Dances

Tango, Rumba, and Foxtrot

More About Me

I first caught the dancing bug about a year and a half ago, when my friends encouraged me that all of us should try a modern dance for a cultural event show that we were participating in.  That was a hip-hop style dance and I greatly enjoyed the choreography that we were learning.  Only a few months later I would discover an interest in ballroom dancing when I took the Ballroom Principles 1 course with one of our two very awesome directors, Natalie, teaching the course.  That same semester I successfully auditioned for and joined the group.  Since then I have enjoyed getting to learn the more intricate details of each of the styles of dance and performing in my very first Ballroom Magic this year. Aside from dancing, I enjoy exercising, playing badminton, and listening to all types of music, especially R&B, country, and hip hop.