Teri Smithberg

This month’s spotlight is none other than the talented Teri Smithberg! She’s been cuttin’ a rug with us since Fall 2015, benefiting BPG with her dance, artistic, and acting talents. Her spirit and dedication to the group truly shine!

Teri’s story began when her parents met on a U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan. While she was raised in Savannah, GA, the heart of historic antebellum Georgia, her diverse roots have paved the way for fluency in several languages, including Japanese, Tagalog, Kapangpangan, and Yiddish. Her journey with dance began as a young girl, where she practiced ballet and tap, which molded into ballet and modern dance in high school. During her third year at UGA, she discovered and auditioned for BPG and never looked back. When not dancing, Teri is also a talented artist and actor. A fourth year majoring in Computer Animation in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Teri is our secret weapon for all things visual, most recently the design of our newest red member shirts! You might also have caught a glimpse of her work as an editorial cartoonist showcased in the Red and Black. As if she wasn’t already busy enough, she works closely with the UGA University Theatre, starring in their 2015 production of Lesson Before Dying and Glengarry Glen Ross. Catch her onstage for her current role in the Bald Prima Donna this weekend! Thank you, Teri, for all you have brought to BPG. We are so glad you found us and will miss you tons next year!





BPG Spotlight Member