Arjun Gibson

Just as he is a blend of two cultures (Indian and American), Arjun is a blend of scientific intellect and artistic thought. Arjun was born in Arizona but grew up in both Nashville and Johns Creek before attending UGA. He spent eight years playing the trumpet in Middle School and High School before taking the plunge into ballroom dancing. He is a 3rd-year Biological Engineering student currently working full time in an Atlanta firm through a co-op program. Just as he loves solving engineering problems, he also loves taking on new challenges in the dance world, such as recently becoming the Secretary of the Ballroom and Social Dance Club. He has been a member of BPG for two years now, which has refined him into someone who was just stumbling upon dance to an enthusiastic dancer!

Arjun's favorite dance is salsa because he loves the music and doesn't mind a shimmy or two. He enjoys reading and hanging out with friends when he isn’t dancing (or studying). As a dedicated member of BPG, you can always be sure Arjun will rise to the challenges he is given. He'll work hard, showing up to extra practice and set a great example to those newer than him.