Spotlight Member - November 2017

Madison Fields


For the month of November, we'd like to acknowledge Madison Fields as our latest Spotlight Member! From Waycross, GA, Madison grew up doing all manner of after school activities that didn't involve dancing. From theatre, to acapella,to saxophone and drum major of the marching band, Madison's interests were diverse, but he grew up in the spotlight. As a child, Madison's mom was a former ballerina who worked in the local community theatre directing shows where he sat in the wings. Today, you can see how this influenced the drama in his dancing. During his sophmore year at UGA, Madison was coerced by a tall female in the group to audition. In just two weeks, Madison learned enough ballroom dancing to become a member, and since then, he has been hooked, learning not only ballroom styles but Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz, Salsa/Bachata, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.


          Whenever possible, Madison is working to improve not just his own dancing but the group's as a whole. For a year in 2015-2016, Madison taught for the Ballroom Dance Club. He is always ready and willing to teach for the group at FNDPs, outreach opportunities, excited auditionees, and helping fellow members. Not only does Madison work to help the ballroom community grow, but he is a lively member to have in the group, serving sometimes as the well-loved "class clown." In the future, Madison aims to continue his ballroom dance training, looking toward the world of competitions and ultimately, instruction. On any given day, you might hear Madison practicing tirelessly in the Dance Building.

          Outside of the Dance Building, Madison maintains a part-time job at the Georgia Center in the AV/Event Services Department while also studying for a degree in Special Education and a minor in ASL. You may find him traveling far and wide for Swing dance events. Ultimately, Madison comes from a family of teachers and aims to continue that legacy. Educating others is his greatest passion, and he never fails to try to further knowledge while here at UGA.