The wonderful Allia Siler is our Spotlight Member for the month of October! Raised in John’s Creek, Georgia, she was first exposed to dance through ballet training during her youthful gymnastics career. During her freshman year at UGA, Allia found her love for ballroom dancing through participating in the Ballroom and Social Dance Club lessons and dances. She progressed to become the Ballroom and Social Dance Club Vice President for two years and has been an essential member of the Ballroom Performance Group for the past three years. In order to challenge herself, Allia decided to audition for BPG in the Spring of 2015. Upon joining the group, she found a great sense of community among her fellow dancers and enjoys being active while using her mind in a way different from her studies.

Outside of dancing, Allia is in her first year of a Masters program in Social Work. Over the Summer of 2017, she reaffirmed her calling while working at a summer camp for children affected by Tourette Syndrome. For Allia, being around people that may need help makes her want to be the type of person that makes good assistance available. Currently, you can find Allia driving a UGA bus across campus. Additionally, in her spare time, Allia enjoys reading and writing short stories. Some of her poetry has been published in on of UGA's creative writing magazines!

Allia Siler intends to pursue clinical social work as a career and provide therapy and counseling to those in need. Moving toward this goal, she has volunteered for Project Safe and is going to intern at a clinic that provides legal services to victims of sexual abuse. Allia is not only a driven individual, but she is also an invaluable and lively member of our group.