Tiffany Jenkinson

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Year:  4th Year

Major:  Epidemiology

Dance Experience

My mother first recruited me for ballet lessons at the wee age of three. So, as you can imagine, I learned how to plié  before I learned how to tie my own shoes. Turns out, mom was right, and I fell in love with dance. When I came to college and heard about the Ballroom Performance Group on campus, I just had to audition! And the rest is history!

Favorite Dances

Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, and Waltz.

More About Me

When I'm not shaking my tushy on the dance floor, you can find me huddled over a microscope in the Coverdell building. I am currently a student researcher there, investigating the relationship between placental malaria and pregnancy loss. Working in a lab is my dream job, and though it takes a lot of work, I am so happy knowing that I can come to ballroom practice every night and spend time with my new family. Come grab me for a dance! Malaria isn't contagious, I promise!

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