Tobi Olagunju

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Year: 4th Year

Major: Psychology

Dance Experience

  A year of competitive dance on an Indian fusion dance team (ASURA) my freshman year, a year of Ballroom Foundations my Sophomore year, but mostly dabbling in anything that looked interesting on YouTube or SYTYCD

Favorite Dances

West Coast Swing, Salsa, and Argentine Tango

More About Me

 I was very shy growing up, and would get terrible stage fright when put on the spot. I've come a long way, having competed with ASURA and having performed a few numbers in Ballroom Magic 2014, but I still have a shadow of anxiety every time I have an audience. It's rather unseemly, since I can usually be spotted bustin' a move without warning. I like to think it's becoming easier and easier to worry less about making a mistake, and instead focus on expressing just how alive I am in those moments.


Tobi Casual.jpg