Wei-Yun Wang

Hometown: Keelung, Taiwan 

Year: 4th year

Major: Economics

Dance Experience

Wei-Yun first started to dance when he was in high school. He learned breakdancing in the dance club. It was then when he discovered a great interest in dance, but he didn’t take any formal dance class until his third year of college. He took ballroom foundation classes in UGA and danced with many other great dancers in the Friday Dance Party hosted by the BPG. It was this experience and inspiration that encouraged him to dance more professionally and skillfully, so he auditioned for the Fall 2016 BPG Apprentice class.

Favorite Dances

Waltz, Tango, and West Coast Swing

More About Me

I'm an international student from Taiwan. I have broad interests in many things and I love to learn new things. I like to take photos, do sports, and play music in my free time. And now my new hobby is to dance with all the amazing people in the BPG.