Ballroom Magic 2016

Get your tickets now for our annual showcase, Ballroom Magic 2016: Celebrating 25 Years! You don't want to miss this show! Check out our promo video and buy your tickets at Tate, the PAC Box Office, or online at

Let's hear it for the Magic. #Magic25

Apprentice Class Spring 2016

We are excited to welcome the following people to our new Spring 2016 apprentice class:

Amanda Brown
Alexandria Talley
Victoria Culver
Kelly Quinn
Renee Dionisio
Madeline Konzelman
Megan Murray
Elysia Moon
Joann Yang
Claudia Masters

Milan Patel
Alex Matthews
Kenneth Ndyabawe
Blaise McComb
Bryan Aguanta
Marcelo Rocha
Sam Calizo
Hunter Cutts
Mason Childress
Arjun Gibson
Josh Shelton
Benjamin Mimbs

Welcome, new apprentices! 

October 16th -- Acid Rain #@9

This brisk Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Geoff Newell, took things to the next level with costumes and elaborate makeup that are reminiscent of Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.  Great job to all the dancers!

October 16th -- Sir Duke #@9

We had a special treat at our alumni dance this homecoming weekend: an exclusive #@9 cast spanning 5 generations of BPG alumni! Thanks to alums David Detweiler and Jennifer Adams for choreographing, and a special shoutout to these dancers who took time out of their busy lives to bring this to us. You all are the best and we miss you!

June 19th -- Jack and Jill

Instead of a performance, we surprised everyone with a friendly East Coast Swing Jack and Jill competition. It was great to get the community involved in putting on a show!

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who attended our first dance party of the summer!

May 1st -- Daydream Believer #@9

We are still so proud of our apprentice class on their performance of Daydream Believer at our last FNDP of the academic year! For many of them, this was their first dance performance, and they definitely made choreographer, BPG co-director Mike Fulford, proud. Great job guys! 

May 1st -- Dear Future Husband #@9

Emi Murata, one of our principal dancers and graduating seniors has a real-life fairytale love story with her fiancé and fellow BPG alumnus, Alex Ferguson. His proposal to her took place on this very floor some 5 months ago. Her response? This fun East Coast Swing. Congratulations on your graduation, Emi, and best wishes for your life with Alex! We will miss you and all you bring to BPG.

Welcome New Apprentices!

We are pleased to announce the following new members to the Ballroom Performance Group apprentice company for Fall 2015:

John Austin

Ian Daniels

Grant McKown

Robert Schaaf


Katie Bigelow

Emily Coll

Lorin Crear

Laura Johnson

Amanda Piehler

Samantha Tang

Lidya Teshome


We are excited to expand our dance family as we prepare for our 25th Anniversary Ballroom Magic in January. Welcome new apprentices!


April 3rd -- Sugar #@9

This sassy West Coast Swing choreographed by BPG dancers Zach Stevens and Emi Murata was another awesome feature from last weekend's FNDP! Can you watch this 3 times without the song getting stuck in your head all day? If so, we salute you.

Executive Board 2015-2016

Congratulations and welcome to our Ballroom Performance Group Executive Board for 2015-2016!

President - Eric Perkerson

Vice President - Kailie Sanders

Secretary - Joanna Szymonik

Treasurer - Justyna Szymonik

Public Relations - Laurel Haislip

Thank you!

From all of us here at BPG, thank you to everyone who came and saw Ballroom Magic this year! We were able to sell out all four of our performances, and had one of our best total attendance totals to date! It is a joy for all of us to be able to perform for you year in and year out.  We hope to see you all next year when we perform our 25th rendition of Ballroom Magic! 

Ballroom Magic Featured in Athens Banner-Herald

Check it out! On Thursday evening, right before opening night, a reporter came and interviewed two of our members (Vice-President Geoff Newell and Apprentice Marisa Pam), and the article was featured in today's' issue of the Athens Banner-Herald!

Read the article here.

There's two shows left! If you haven't seen the show yet, we hope to see you today at 2, or tonight at 8!