Apprentice Class Fall 2017

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the University of Georgia Ballroom Performance Group! These are always difficult decisions and many factors are considered during the audition process. We are pleased to invite the following students to join the Fall 2017 apprentice company of the Ballroom Performance Group

Jay McKibben
Jacob Richardson
Freddy Geiser
Paul Dobson
Adrien Porzio
Tim Yoon
Andrew Maurer
Jonathan Fan
Blake Hanwitz
Felipe Medina

Aaruchi Lal
Kathleen Reynolds
S. Elizabeth Cagle
Rebecca Ommedal
Cherish Collins
Christiana Beavers
Denali Pray
Hannah Schriever
Elizabeth Kiefer
Meghan Dober

Welcome to BPG, new apprentices! You will soon receive an email containing more information about the Ballroom Performance Group.

If you were not cast this semester, please do not be discouraged! We would love to see you audition again in the future, and encourage you to keep dancing. We will hold Fall 2017 auditions in November. If you have questions about your audition, please contact us at with any questions you may have.